With me, shoe repair is much more than people generally think. We repair heels and soles on all kinds of shoes and boots, but also, we do a lot of sewing on different articles of leather and other materials. It goes without saying that almost nothing is impossible to repair. People come to restore items, gifts, leather souvenirs received from a loved one.


Making a list of everything we repair would take a long time to list here, but as an example here are a few:

  • Handbag,
  • Satchels,
  • Cases of all kinds,
  • Suitcases,
  • Briefcases,
  • Golf bags,
  • Travel bags,
  • Suitcases,
  • Coats,
  • Chaps,
  • Various Shelters,
  • Covers in different shapes and sizes,
  • Sports equipment,
  • Wallets,
  • Leather articles or other materials,
  • Custom fabrication of items in genuine leather or other materials for special needs
  • and much more.

Basically, I tell myself that almost everything is repairable if the basis of the article is solid and that many times people come for a request that is out of the ordinary. It’s always a nice challenge for me to find & explain the best solution at the best cost for them.

At Ma Cordonnerie chez Francois, there is almost no limit when the repairs can be made according to the articles. Many customers come to me because they cannot find another shoemaker elsewhere who can meet their various and sometimes special needs.

I have a very good reputation a quality of work well done because many people come from far away because they have heard of me and the work done with great satisfaction and cheaper than many other known places.

Francois Sévigny, owner

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