In addition to all the other services offered on site for your satisfaction, we also offer a seamstress service.

The seamstress service has been offered to you at the shoemaker for over 20 years. Our seamstress is on site to welcome you with a smile and she will be able to respond personally to your various requests and expectations depending on the work to be performed.


Why an on-site seamstress service and to whom is such a personalized service addressed to?

  • To provide additional and personal service;
  • For the diversity of services offered on site to better meet your various needs;
  • The seamstress service is complementary to the shoe repair service;
  • The seamstress repairs standard and various items, delicate and fine, therefore, complementary to shoemaking sewing work which requires stronger sewing machines and stronger thread;

Our seamstress will answer all your questions and together find the best solution for your request as well as the best price and conclude a delivery time of quality finished work that will fully satisfy you.


Our seamstress is very experienced and she will find the ideal solution so that you are completely satisfied.

Whether it is to change the zipper on pants, on a skirt, dress, bodice, jacket, coat or any other article, the job is always well done according to the rules of the art.

Here is a brief summary of everything our seamstress can do to meet your expectations:

  • All clothing for children, adolescents, women and men;
  • Shorten pants, skirts, dresses, ball gown, evening dress, wedding dress;
  • Patch worn or torn clothes;
  • Modify, alter bodices, skirts, dresses, evening, prom, wedding dresses;
  • Change, enlarge or shrink sizes, shorten pants legs;
  • Modify, alter blouses, shirts, jackets, ponchos, scarves, shorts, bermuda shorts;
  • Repair various lint;
  • In short, almost anything that can be repaired, modified or altered;

We have a dressing room on site for your convenience at your disposal for more discretion and privacy.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice because there is surely a solution to your needs.

N.B. : For hygiene reasons, we repair clean clothes only

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