For over 18 years, we have been offering the cleaning service.

We have selected a cleaner that meets the quality requirements of the work done and requested by our distinguished customers from the very beginning.


The cleaning service is done on a customer handover basis 2 days after receipt of the items to be cleaned.

For larger items such as winter coats, comforters and other items requiring special cleaning, a longer but reasonable time will be required to deliver your item to you.


You will receive a claim coupon when you leave the item (s) to us for cleaning.

Once your item (s) are back at the shoemaker we will confirm to you the same day by telephone that everything is ready and available for you.

All items will be kept at the shoe repair shop for a period of one (1) month after our phone call.

We will attempt to reach you by phone a second time after two (2) weeks to remind you that we still have your item with us.

If after two (2) months and at least two (2) more calls from us, we still have your item, it will be sent to a humanitarian charity for less well off people.

N.B .: We are no longer responsible for items left more than two (2) months after we have contacted you via your telephone number to take possession of your item from you.

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